Wikinews WeatherChecker

This is a utility to perform semi-automated weather data retrieval from the United States National Weather Service. This utility is meant to be used on Wikinews.

The WeatherChecker is currently maintained by IlyaHaykinson of en:Wikinews. The software is free and open-source. You will need the Microsoft .NET Framework v1.1 installed to run this software. It's a 23.14MB download, so only get it if t he system will not install.

>> Download WeatherChecker v1.9 Now (revision 1.9.1882.40071, size 9.15MB)


Here is a sample weather report generated by WeatherChecker:

Sample image produced by WeatherChecker, showing a satellite image of Earth with temperatures for selected cities

The user interface for WeatherChecker is implemented as a multi-panel, C# form window:

Report Station Selection Region Definition

Need support? Found a bug?

Please post a note on the WeatherChecker support page, or by emailing

Release history

1.9.1882.40071 lots of changes, please see Wikinews page for project (dvasquez)
1.8.1844.40408 fixed parsing of station list to properly pick up lat/lon pairs in certain cases
1.8.1841.38560 fixed problem with installer; removed load countries button, include stationslist in install
1.8.1841.3168 now use METAR data from NOAA instead of capescience.
1.7.1835.33358 user interface reshuffle, error handling added, etc.
1.6.1835.1883 time now shows in xml output, legend control by variables.
1.5.1825.23069 expanded the temperature gradient.
1.4.1810.2370 more fixes to output.
1.3.1809.40363 changed ordering of variables in both header and temperature output, fixed namespace output
1.2.1808.42716 changed output generation to save a header and records even for stations that could not be queried
1.1.1807.4324 added support for generating xml output for the photoshop renderer
1.0.1805.40974 initial release

License and Source Code

The application is free for use and is licensed under GPL. You can browse this application's source code (or download it as a tarball) at Optionally, you can access the CVS repository directly with t he CVS root of – module weatherchecker – for checkins, send diffs via email or email and ask for write access.


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